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The Source
The Source - Issue #7
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Reworking Work.
How are you working now that work is not working?
In recent discussions with our clients over the past few weeks, we’ve been hearing more and more of their business and communication efforts are moving to primarily digital in this new Corona19 world. 
The Worksource platform enables this for your Sales and Marketing collateral.
We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you streamline, digitize and provide digital solutions to your teams, customers and employees.
We'd like to understand.
Right Now
We live in a world of ‘right-now’ 
where instant gratification is the expected standard and mobile devices are the platform of choice for receiving, accessing and sharing information.
This reality has an enormous impact on marketers, who find themselves churning out more content than ever before and struggling with an efficient way to manage all these assets in a way that’s easy for sales reps and distributors to access.
Dropbox and Box have been the go-to solution, serving as a shared repository for assets. But these platforms quickly turn into a black abyss of files and folders that’s too complicated and doesn’t offer assurance that the most current tools are being used - they lack a Single Source of Truth.  If only there was an easier way to manage, access and share marketing materials. 
Oh wait, there is! provides a super simple, more focused and intuitive Box/Dropbox solution to manage and distribute collateral. Built especially for sales, marketing and training teams, we make sure field based sales reps and distributors have access to the right tools to effectively perform in dynamic selling situations.
Make Sure Reps Have Everything They Need
Everything I Need on Vimeo
Everything I Need on Vimeo
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