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The Source - Issue #6

The Source
The Source - Issue #6
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Worksource From Home
With your Sales Team sheltered in place, accessing Worksource from home is a great way for them to stay engaged with training materials and continue to communicate with their customers. You may need to remind them that they can access Worksource from any desktop or laptop.
Simply log in to your guide at , enter your user name and password and your in! You have the same great access to materials, the ability to share, download and add to favorites.
Welcome home!
Add Webinar Recordings to Your Guide
In response to the pandemic, many clients are hosting webinars and online learning forums for customers and sales reps. Add these recorded webinars to your guide so reps can easily re-visit and share with customers.
Sometimes Looks Do Matter
Web Guide View
Web Guide View
We’ve given our desktop and laptop Guide View a makeover and aligned mobile to web and desktop views, for a bigger, bolder, better looking interface.
What's the Dif? WS vs Box and Dropbox
From time to time we run into situations where we’re asked what’s the difference between what Worksource offers and what or Dropbox can do?
A perfectly legitimate question.
Our Response: Control. Organization. Ease of Use.
Worksource is tightly controlled repository which is managed by designated administrators. It’s not a free-for-all like or Dropbox which allows any user to add, delete and modify content.
A tighter reign on content ensures your Worksource guide is “The Single Source of Truth” and prevents garbage in/garbage accumulation in the repository. 
Unlike Box and DropBox which are based on a ‘folder’ organization methodology, Worksource is set up as a database of content with flexibility to organize based on your business needs.
Admins create Guides and set user permissions. Guides are like binders of information. So you could have a guide for the US Sales Team, a Guide for a newly launched product or one for Distributors.
The final distinction and the one we are most proud of is the ease of use with Worksource. The design, user interface and functionality is always with the administrator and end user in mind. Content is easily found, accessed, shared and managed.
What’s cool about our approach is that content is independent of Guides, so if you have an updated brochure and it’s in 3 Guides, you can update it in any one Guide and it will update in the other two, instantly. 
How Can We Help?
Let us know if there is a feature or function that would help your team and we’ll get it into the platform. Click here to let us know. 😀
Get Up and Running Free
We’re offering a free 30 day trial of the Worksource Platform.
Sign up here and we will get you started. Once you try it out, we think you’ll be impressed with our platform and customer service.
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