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The Source - Issue #4

The Source
The Source - Issue #4
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Worksource Tips & Tricks

Stop the Insanity
Relax! You’ve earned it.
Stop The Insanity
Stop The Insanity
If you’re in marketing or sales admin, you probably get tired having to respond to the same request over and over again. ‘Send me the price list.“ "Send me the new brochure.” We get it! With Worksource, your response is simply “It’s in Worksource.”
One and Done!
Multi Language Support
Say What?
Worksource works well in any and all languages. German? Ja! Mandarine? 是! French? Oui!
Simply create guides, titles, pages and sections in your preferred language from within the CMS, then upload your content and viola!
Use permissions to enable users access to the guide appropriate to their country.
Here’s an example of the Worksource app with a Guide in Chinese.
Chinese Sales Guide
Chinese Sales Guide
The Single Source of Truth
The truth will set you free.
Most of our clients came to Worksource after failed attempts using Box or Dropbox. Their document repositories were unruly, a black abyss of content. Stuff went in, but rarely came out. Multiple copies and versions of documents were floating aimlessly about, making it impossible to track down the correct version. The Truth was hard to find.
Worksource serves as the Single Source of Truth. Everything is up to date and managed by a designated admin(s). Update or delete a document in Worksource and it will be updated everyplace that document shows up in the platform.
Worksource is the Truth that will set you free from worry.
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Discussion Fourm
Discussion Fourm
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